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Australian Artists

Are you and Australian Artist, and want to get your art out there, Edmosoft is here to help.

You manage your career while we manage your website.

At Edmosoft, we believe in supporting Australian Artists, and we want to help them get noticed.
If you are a performer, musician, software developer, or any other type of artist, we will set up and run your website for you.

Click Here to contact us, and get your website started now!

Terms and Conditions.
Artists must be able to provide proof of Australian residency.
Free web hosting only available for sub domains of domains already owned by Edmosoft. Additional fees apply for new domain registrations.
Content depicting strong violence, or hate towards persons or groups will be rejected.
Sexually explicit content will be required to register a .xxx domain.
Software found to be malicious will be removed, repeat offenders will have their websites shut down, following a 3 strikes system.